Blufi, the “little Holland” of Sicily

In Sicily there is nothing missing. The island has everything: a fabulous sea, breathtaking landscapes, a food and wine tradition to envy and a culture that is unparalleled. To all this, we also add some unique places, which enchant visitors with curious and special features.

Blufi is one of these places: it is a small village that develops on a hill on the southern side of the Madonie. Called “Malupassu” in local dialect, its name appears for the first time in 1211, in a document in which the Church granted Frederick II, among other things, the “Proedia Buluph apud Petraliam”, that is, the possessions called “Buluf”, near Petralia.

History aside, there is a reason why for some years now the Blufi area has become an essential destination for nature and photography lovers, in the period from March to May. In fact, it is precisely at this time that the field in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Oil is ignited thanks to a marvellous expanse of red tulips. The flowers, thousands, grow at a discount in which field cultivated with wheat, in the midst of almond and olive trees.

This is the early Tulip or Raddi Tulip, a variety that resists ploughing operations of the ground, because of the position of the bulbs, which are about 50 centimeters deep. A “small Holland”, in practice, that attracts a lot of visitors. The glance is wonderful!


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