Aeolian, Aegean, Pelagian: the most beautiful beaches of the smaller islands

Sicily in summer certainly gives its best, with its beautiful sea and its beautiful views. What about its smaller islands? Among the Aeolian Islands, Egadi, Pelagie, Ustica and Pantelleria, there are plenty of places to relax a stone’s throw from the regional coasts and take an unforgettable swim, and many who choose these islands as their favourite holiday destination. And the list of places not to be missed is really dense.

1) Lipari, white beach. Without a doubt one of the musts for those who decide to relax a little in the main island of the Aeolian archipelago. The name is given by its colour: here the massive presence of pumice stone has given this particular colour shade to both the beach and the seabed. A really suggestive landscape.

2) Saline, Pollara. Unique place in the greenest island of the Aeolian Islands, famous also for having hosted the set of the house of Neruda for the film “The Postman”, the last of Massimo Troisi. Here we find a natural amphitheatre overlooking the sea, fishermen’s shelters dug into the tuff and crystal clear sea. From this area you can admire, and is universally recognized, one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world thanks to the panorama and the intense red color that takes on the sun and its reflected light.

3) Volcano, Black Sands. The volcanic origin of the island, like all other Aeolian islands, has given Vulcano this magnificent sandy bay of black, appreciated for its clear waters.

4) Panarea, Cala Junco. Without a doubt one of the most suggestive places of all the islets in the province of Messina: this amphitheatre-shaped bay is bordered by rock formations that form a real natural swimming pool. The colours of the water in this place leave a mouth open, between emerald green and turquoise.

5) Filicudi, Beach of Capo Graziano. Together with Alicudi, Filicudi is certainly the wildest and least “tourist” island of the archipelago. But not for this less extraordinary: in this beach, among its pebbles, you can enjoy a sea that is crystal clear and wonderful.

6) Favignana, Cala rossa. Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Trapani, and probably also of Italy. The path to this unforgettable place is slightly steep, but once you get there you forget everything else. It’s enchanting to say little.

7) Marettimo, Praia dei Nacchi. The farthest island of Egadi has no beaches and many places are accessible only by sea. On the eastern side of the island, however, we find this cove which can be reached thanks to a path, suggestive as few others.

8) Lampedusa, Rabbit Beach. Once here, you can’t help falling in love with it. Its sand is white, its seabed is shallow and the water is of a beauty and clarity that is more unique than rare. Plus, you can find turtles here, giving that location that extra touch of magic.

9)Ustica, Spraying Point. The small island in the province of Palermo is certainly not very famous for its beaches, being very rocky and jagged (and perfect for diving lovers). However, there are dreamy and easy places here as well: in this area two pebble coves and black sand allow for unique and regenerating baths, because of the fish with which to swim together. An incredible experience for snorkelers.

10) Pantelleria, Cala Levante. One of the beaches with the best landscape of the island. Here the beauty of the seabed and the background of the Faraglione and Arco dell’Elefante provide bathers with an invaluable experience.


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