North-western Sicily: what to do and what to see

Why visit north-western Sicily? You could answer in a very simple way: here are some of the most beautiful places in Sicily, unique places that will make just as unique a holiday in Sicily. Here below you can find a seven-day itinerary to discover this part of ancient Trinacria.

First day: Palermo

The starting point of this tour along north-western Sicily could only be the Sicilian capital: visiting Palermo in one day means seeing Ballarò, the Four Singers, the Fountain Pretoria, the Palatine Chapel, the Cathedral, the Church of Martorana, the Church of San Cataldo.

And since even the kitchen wants its part, in a holiday you need to know what to eat in Palermo: caponata, pasta with sardines and the famous street food are just some of the specialties not to be missed.

Second day: Female Island

It is located a short distance from Palermo, always in the north-western part of Sicily. In Isola delle Femmine, the beaches are definitely the main attraction: in other words, on the second day you will spend in total relaxation, comfortably lying down on beaches such as that town, Capaci, Terrasini, Cinisi, Carini, Trappeto.

Day 3: Castellammare del Golfo and San Vito Lo Capo

Starting from Palermo and moving west, you will find Castellammare del Golfo, where you can spend the first part of the third day: a characteristic place for its houses, built on the slope that slopes down towards the sea, and for the marina. The second part of the day will be dedicated to San Vito Lo Capo: its beach with turquoise sea and white sand offers a fabulous landscape.

Fourth day: Erice

Medieval town built entirely of stone that still retains intact all its ancient charm. Erice rises on the top of Monte Barbaro, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the entire coastline below.

Fifth day: Cephalou

If it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, there must be a reason for it. And if you talk about what to see in Cefalù, then know that a day will be just enough to see the Cathedral-Basilic, the medieval washhouse, the megalithic walls, the temple of Diana, the Great Osterio, and especially beaches such as Lungomare, Caldura, Salinelle, Capo Playa, Mazzaforno, Sant’ Ambrogio, Finale di Pollina.

Sixth day: Favignana

One of the most beautiful Sicilian islands. Even in Favignana the beaches are the main attraction: of sand and pebbles, some little frequented, caves that open into the cliffs, in short, there is really for all tastes.

Day 7: Segesta

This seven-day tour through north-western Sicily ends in the province of Trapani. Segesta, one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Sicily, is an ancient city, no longer inhabited, founded by the people of Elimi: the Doric temple and theatre are of particular interest.

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