Discounted flights to European capitals

Holiday and break time for excursion lovers: low-cost airlines announce discounted flights to various European destinations

Lower prices for flights to different destinations in Europe

How to save money on airline tickets

Do you love to travel, but the price of air tickets is often too high? Buy your airplane tickets at the best price and without wasting time, simply by following these 6 golden rules:

1. Buy your ticket in advance.

Buy your flights in advance to take advantage of the cheapest fares. By buying airline tickets in advance, you are sure to save money on your flight.

2. Choose a last minute flight.

Another possibility is to buy tickets at the last minute, making it easier to find discounted flights. If you can be flexible about your travel destination and departure and return dates, then finding affordable rates is really easy.

3. Carefully choose the dates of your trip.

Seasonality is a fundamental criterion. Several factors have to be taken into account: when you want to leave, if they are public holidays, weekends, that will be the weather when you arrive at your destination, the departure time of the flight, etc.

4. Compare prices.

Find a flight and compare the price of airline tickets between over a hundred travel agencies and airlines in seconds. The search engine offers the best offers available on the market, including flights offered by low-cost airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair, Vueling and Transavia.

5. Refine your search before you buy.

Prices shown may vary over time. Check the prices of several flights, changing the days of departure and return, in this way you can buy your air ticket at prices that may be more advantageous, on days when taxes may be lower. We always recommend that you do a second research. In any case, it is more and more convenient to buy an A/R flight ticket instead of two separate flights.

6. Avoid unnecessary costs.

Before you take out travel insurance that will incur an additional cost to the total price of your trip, make sure that your insurance or credit card is not already insured with your own insurance.

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